The ReCreation

Connect | Heal | Thrive

8-week group coaching

You’ve made it through what you thought was the hardest part—chemo, radiation, surgery—but now what? 

How do I have a normal conversation? Will I ever want to have sex again? I want to have sex but it's a desert? When will my hair get back to normal? Will my period ever come back? Plant-based or keto? Will I ever stop thinking about recurrence? I don’t want my ‘old life’ back but I’m not sure how to move forward.  What do I do with all these coloring books and palo santo?!

If you’ve felt a little lost, overwhelmed, or not sure where to start, this program was created for you. The ReCreation is designed to bridge the gap between treatment and survivorship.

We’ll get grounded in the emotional, spiritual, and physical to identify what’s missing in your post-cancer care. We’ll cover a lot! Connection with yourself & others. Therapeutic nutrition, fasting & exercise. Understanding toxic load and how to reduce yours in a manageable way. Even how to put together the ultimate team of practitioners. Using presence-based coaching that taps into your somatic experience, we will find what's right for you and integrate it for lasting change. 

Led by our founder, Tara Elmore, a breast cancer survivor, ICF certified health and life coach, this program encompasses all of the practices, resources, and tools she sought out and put into action as she recovered from treatment and went on to build an integrated cancer-free life. She realized there was a huge gap in cancer recovery and that it was largely up to the patient to figure it out. Through her own mission to pull it all together it became clear that she wasn’t alone– this 8 week journey will do just that, for you.

This is for you if: you're ready to be vulnerable, receive & step into the magic that is you!

If you’re interested and want to know more or need different payment options, please reach out to Tara for more info:


Connection to self & others.

Support from Tara & the cohort. 

Personal roadmap with short & long term goals.

Clear actions and accountability to make your goals reality. 

Lots of tangible resources, practical tools and techniques.

How to Use

Our mutual commitment:

8 sessions, weekly meeting via Zoom

2 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom

On-going 1:1 & group support via What’sApp

Complex Creatures collection and lots of other perks!

Dates & Times:

Tuesdays 12-1:30pm ET. Oct 3 - November 21. 

Sessions will be recorded in case you can't make it, though live attendance is preferred/encouraged for your benefit—the group wants to hear your voice & feel your energy you too!


Vulnerability. Presence. Sense of humor. Desire to have something different.