It’s time to give breasts a new kind of attention.

Welcome to the final frontier of personal care.

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Deep Reservoir Breast Oil

A concentrated blend of potent botanicals, herbs and oils.

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High Vibe Healing Balm

A nutrient-rich moisturizing and reparative salve.

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Hands On

A short film about hands and boobs.

All Clean, All the Time

We’re hardcore about what we put in and on our bodies. Our products are formulated with 100% clean, thoughtfully sourced ingredients—wild-crafted, family-farmed, and organic whenever possible. Each nutrient-rich herb or botanical offers a targeted benefit with clinically-proven healing properties. We work closely with our medical advisor, chemists and herbalists to create luxe and effective products.

Breasts are amazing. And complex. Hello ! They’re organs. With anatomy unlike any other body part, boobs need and deserve their own products—just like your hair, skin, and nails do.

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One of the reasons we started Complex Creatures was to get people talking and thinking about boobs in a new way. We'd love to hear from you—what you need, how we can help, and what you wish you had for your boobs but can’t find. And if you’d like to hear from us occasionally, drop us your email below.