We’re sisters, so our story started way back …

But this story started in December 2016 when Tara was diagnosed with breast cancer. WTF ?! We had no family history. (Less than 15% of patients do.) She was 37 years old. Never even had a mammogram. Fortunately, her husband is a hands-on guy. Thanks, Steve.

Tara starts a rigorous course of treatment (chemo, radiation & surgery). Lisa is now in a high-risk category (being a 1st degree relative doubles your lifetime risk).

After the longest 14 months of our lives, especially Tara’s, she’s given a clean bill of health. The doctors sent her on her way. “Come back in a year for a mammogram.”

So we booked our appointments.

But what were we supposed to do the other 364 days a year?

We realized we hadn’t paid much attention to our breasts.This seemed crazy when we thought about how much time and money we spend on every other body part—our vanities and pantries were well-stocked but why didn’t we have anything for our boobs?

We read. We scrolled. We talked and texted a thousand times a day. The deeper we dug, the more we discovered: there’s a lot we can do to improve breast health. But beyond mammograms and self-exams, no one was talking to us about it—not our moms or doctors, not even our friends. So we started talking with each other, and with experts and now, with you.

Complex Creatures started with us but it’s not about us.
It’s about all of us.

We Believe

When We Say Complex

We’re talking about our anatomy, sexuality, cancer, politics, babies, identity, self-worth, confidence, sisterhood. Breasts are complex. Our relationship to them is rarely simple. For every pair there’s a story. We want to hear them all.

A New Kind of Attention

Pink ribbons. Plastic surgery. Porn. America’s obsession with breasts runs deep. The organ’s most basic biological function: to feed a baby, remains controversial. A literal lifeforce, the female nipple is currently banned on all social media platforms and has some restrictions in all but six U.S. States. It’s time to normalize breasts.

All Boobs Are Good Boobs

No two are alike—even on the same body. Flat, round, perky and lopsided. Natural and fake. Reduced and reconstructed. Mastectomy and top surgery. Pubescent, premenstrual, perimenopause. Whether you love yours or hate them, obsess over them or ignore them, we’re here for them all.

Mother Nature is the Tits

Our products are formulated with 100% clean, intentionally sourced ingredients—wild crafted, family-farmed, and organic whenever possible. Each nutrient-rich herb and botanical offers a targeted breast health benefit with clinically-proven healing properties. We work closely with our doctors, chemists and herbalists to create effective, luxe products grounded in nature.